Cooking tips

7 Cooking tips that avoid water wasting

A few days back I went to a nearby farmer there I saw a poster on the wall of one of my favourite booths. The farmer had decided to let his famine struggles be known to his consumers by…

save water

17 tips to save water in your daily life

Earth surface covers 71% of water but 96.5% of it are salt water. So in this big planet, you have very less water for daily use. Water is considered to be a scarce resource and we have states and…

RO filters
RO Filter

When to change the RO filter? – A Beginners Guide

RO Purifiers these days have become very important for everyone. These days it is there in every family, commercial area, offices and many other places. As the purifiers help in purifying water in a large quantity and have set…

Best RO Water Purifier

Get The Water Purifiers Today

Get The Water Purifiers Today Water Purifier is a very important item for home, office, colleges and any other institution. Drinking 8 – 10 glasses, is mandatory for a proper and healthy body. But, drinking water is not enough.…