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Top 10 RO Water Purifiers for Home in India (2018)

RO Water Purifier

Everyone wants everything to be best at their place and especially when something is related to the health of an individual then it becomes more important that it is really good. We all take time to review thing and then we make purchases. Before days we had to call up enquire about a different product and then draw conclusions but now everything is online right from the deciding which product to purchase to buying the product everything is under one roof that that is online. It has become competitive for the buyers by easier for the customers as options are open to them and you just have to choose one whereas for the manufactures they have to produce the best product as to sustain in the market. Here is a list of top 10 RO water purifiers for home in India.

There are various RO Purifiers available in the market and to choose a right one you will have to a lot of research. But here we are going to help you out with Top 10 best RO purifiers 2018 so that your purchasing decisions are made easy.

The business of RO water purifiers is rapidly changing. These reviews are based on the current trends and the emerging markets. One best and running water purifier in the market is OIER RO water purifier.
The Top 10 water purifiers are as follows:

Oeir RO purifiers

RO Water Purifier

Oeir has three varieties of purifiers in the market. The RO purifiers are divided into various components they are –

– Sediment filters which help in removing the dust particles and solids which are suspended.
– Reverse osmosis membrane removes heavy metals and chemicals and filters out parasites and pathogens.
– Mineral Injectors helps in infusing minerals into the water.
– Ultrafiltration filters remove suspended solids from the water after reverse osmosis
– To remove chlorine, volatile organic compounds and partially removes insecticides.
–  These purifiers have UV Disinfection column to disinfect water from disease-causing bacteria and protozoa for preventing it from the microbiological threat.
– Alkaline Cartridge in the purifier helps to maintain the pH level of the water so the acidic water is not consumed.

These purifiers have a tank capacity of 12 litres and purification capacity of 15 litres per hour which makes them suitable for large families and commercial areas.

Kent Grand Plus –

It offers stages of purification which can be used with different types of water. This purifier is suitable for high TDS as much as 2000 ppm which helps in maintaining a safe level of minerals in the water. This has a storage capacity of 8 litres and purification capacity of 20 litres per hour.

Liv Pure Glo

This product does not help in purifying water but also adding essential minerals in the water through mineralizer. It comes with a warranty of 1 year and is reliable all across India.

Liv Pure Pep Pro

It offers 7 stages of purification to provide you with 100% pure water with a storage capacity of 7 litres and a purification capacity of 12 litres. It has all the indicators of power on, In the process, full indicator and UV indicator. The purifier needs a voltage range between 140V to 300. This also helps to improve the taste of water.

HUL Pureit classic

This purifier comes with a storage capacity of 5 litres and has 6 stages of purification by removing organic and inorganic impurities. It has a TDS removal capacity of up to 1800 ppm. This is one of the affordable purifiers available in the market.

Harvell MAX RO

Harvell is one of the leading brands in electronics. It is a combination of both RO and UV with a storage capacity of 8 litres and purification capacity of 15 litres per hour. This product has all the advanced automation and alert systems and a contamination proof tank cover which can be removed periodically and cleaned.

Blue Star Aristo

Aristo 100% RO+UV purification is a compact and a stylish purifier. It has a purification capacity of 12 litres per hour with ultra-high TDS removal up to 96%. Child lock is an additional feature which is basically a button on the top. When you press this button it disables the tab and deactivates and dispensing of water.

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Hindware Calisto

It has 6 stage purification with 100% water passes through all the stages. It purifies water and removes all the impurities from any kind of water. This purifier capacity has 7 litres and purification capacity of 12 litres.

HUL Pure it Ultimate

This purifier has a 6 stages purification system with RO and UV to give 100% safe water. It has a digital advance alert feature that tells you in 15 days advance for Germkill kit replacement.

Aqua guard Genius

It has a 7 stage purification system using RO, UV and UF technologies. This has a unique feature of “Tasteguard” which automatically senses the hardness of the water. It automatically checks the TDS whether it is high or low and purifiers accordingly.

The above are the top 10 purifiers according to the latest research and always purchase according to the needs and requirement of you and your family and if it is a commercial space according to the number of people present there. Get free water testing, before you choose the best RO purifier for yourself. Which is best ro in india 2018, let us know in the comment section.

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