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When to change the RO filter? – A Beginners Guide

RO filters

RO Purifiers these days have become very important for everyone. These days it is there in every family, commercial area, offices and many other places. As the purifiers help in purifying water in a large quantity and have set a filter for various processes. It is very important you change the filter from time to time by which you will not have any trouble in using the purifier. Here is everything you need to know when you should change your RO filter.

The schedule of changing RO filters are as follows:

  • Sediment Filter: Change after every 6-12 months mainly in areas where high turbulence in water is there
  • Carbon Filter: Change after every 6-12 months. This ensures the quality and life of the membrane
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane: Change after every 24 months
  • Polish Filter: Change after every 12 months to maintain the good quality of water

However, the change of filters can vary based on the local conditions and household usage

The reverse osmosis requires a periodic maintenance as this helps you to get the same quality when your RO purifier was new.

An important factor is if you do not change the filters according to the time and regular interval then the purifier is of no use as the water will not pass through the filtration process and by direct consumption it may harm your health.

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When you purchase a purifier it is important that you go through the manual as that will have all the details of the purifier with regards to the changes of different filters from time to time.

Reverse Osmosis membrane

  • Make sure that you are purchasing RO membrane of the same brand of which you have purchased the filter of the same brand. For example, if you have an OEIR purifier at home make sure that you purchase the same filter and do not any other brand.
  • Always consult the customer service whenever required.
  • The filter cartridge should not be removed till the time it is ready for installation.
  • Please make sure that your hands are clean before you replace the membrane.
  • Make sure that you have the RO service kit so that it makes your work simpler.
  • This filter needs to be changed for every 2 to 3 years which completely depends on how you use the product.

Sediment Filter:

It should be changed after every 12 months or less than 12 months depending upon the hardness of the water and the usage of the purifier. This filter helps to strain out all the sediment, slits and dirt from the water from getting into RO membranes. If you don’t change the filter in the set time then the dirt particles will reach RO membrane which may lead to clogging and foul smell.

Carbon Filter:

Chlorine in high quantity for human consumption is not good for health so this carbon filter is designed in such a way that it removes chlorine content from water, helps to protect RO membrane and give a good taste to the water. It is important that this filter is replaced every 12 months.

Polish Filters:

This is the fourth stage in the process of purification. This helps to give a polish to the water. It removes the leftover bad or different taste and odor from the water which helps in delivering clean and free from impurities water for your consumption.

Sometimes we tend to neglect the fact that changing the filter from time to time is essential and we tend do not do it on time which further causes problem to the filter as the complete process of the filter tends to slow down. This will decrease the water production and eventually the flow from the purifier. Very soon this will lead to a reduction in the lifespan of the filter or maybe end to the lifespan of the filter.

This will lead to an extended cont of purchasing new so it would be better than we replace the filter time to time and have pure water just like the time when you have purchased it new. This would be cost effective as well. If you do not do so in order to reduce few costs you may end up spending a lot on buying a new one.

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